Greetings ~ and welcome if You happened to stumble in . . .
Hi ~ If Y/you don't already know Me . . . I am known here abouts as ~Cyberotica-Chrysalis ~
~ CC ~ no frills ~ just Me. or CC to My DOM Friends ~ and CC Ma'am to My subbie friends.
Long into D/s with some of the pleasures of BDSM tossed in for good measure.
My nature is that of a Top ~ although on one occassion I fell for a Guy
that took My heart and soul ~ and for Him and Him alone I subbed.
The best and the worst year of My life all rolled into one!
Knowing both sides ~ at least for Me ~
helps Me look at both sides with "different eyes"

Now for the important stuff. . . My F/friends!
I have been on line off and on with some/most of them for gracious is it the third year already?
and have come to treasure T/their quirks and special brand of kinks.
Some of them I have had the greatest pleasure in meeting r/t. . .
Wanderer, Valhalla, Running Wolf, snowflake, Velvet Toy, toy, cait,
Meth, The General, LC, Devil Womyn, Wolf Temptress, Jewel Master, diamond, Willow and His spring~rain, lil fly, CATS,
Mustang(aka TA), cass, creole lady, kitten and others
*hugs to Y/y'all* Of T/them and the O/others . . .
many have become very "real time" F/friends ~
*soft smile* Lotta Skull, paleface, gentle, and Cinnaminn ~ thinking she should REALLY be called "Wonder Woman", ketaye and white rose
Contessa, shadow, Miss J and pal, grasshopper & MNL, Les Is More, vashti, CJ and ladylove,
heaven~sent, tilted-halo, loyalone (hun . . quit stalling c'mon over!) , raven, mischief, to name a few . . .c'mon . . .
if Y/you should be here and aren't kindly nudge Me?
~ soft smile ~

of course there is One other . . . and He is in a class by Himself. . .
and one day I hope to meet this One as well R/t . . . Mr Mojo Rising ~
Thank You for being there so very many times. Though W/we have yet to meet somehow I think that We will. . .
When the sea brings You back . . . I know a couple of U/us looking for one of
famous "harem" meals!

Perhaps one day I will have gotten to meet T/them all.
I hold not only to the "law" *grinning* but also to its fairness.
Want to chat? Got an issue? Want an opinion?
(not necessarily the right or only one but isnt it "fun" to see the different
ways in which W/we can view the same thing?) I'll be glad to help if I can.

My life is NOT all bdsm . . though it often colors the other aspects of My life . . .

I am an artist of sorts ~
a commissioned piece
I enjoy My garden and flowers . . .and especially the flutterbys . . .
participate in some of the Native American culture . . . follow as I am guided in many of its ways

listen to the soul of the earth as it beats cadence with mine . . .
I am what I am . . .
as life has made me . . .
as the time has carved

~ Learning from the past ~ Living in the present ~ Looking to the future ~