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When i think of what submission is to me, so many things come to mind
...joy..happiness..honor..service..love...obediance.. trust...respect...submission for me is a pure delight... knowing i have pleased sets my heart a glow.. Submission is not about lack of self esteem...i am a fully capable ,strong, and smart woman. .. ...

Submission is about a feeling deep within one.. a yearning.. a desire to please...my feelings of submission, before i found this lifestyle, lead me to abusive situations (subconsciouly looking for a Dominant now i think)..and feelings of self hatred because i knew i felt no greater joy then pleasing A/another..... When i found this lifestyle i was finally able to accept what i felt deep inside. i learned they were not bad feelings.. i learned that they did not make me a bad woman. None of these changes took place over night but thank God they took place...Slowly but surely i started moving out of the depression i was in and rebuilding my life.

Submission is give and take.... i do not just give to a Master and He does not just take from me.. W/we B/both give and take ... in ways W/we need to.. i need to give a Master loving submission to His will..i need that for me to feel fulfilled... what wonderful gifts a girl is fortunate to have from a good Master... the gift of His love that not only accepts me but encourages me to grow...the gift of knowing i am valued, fostering self esteem in me.... His guidance when i can no longer see the way..its is a wise submissive indeed that remembers the qualities aren't new that the Dominants bring out in us.. just polishing the ones They already see in you....(i hope to be a wise submissive one day *grin*) ...

my advice to those W/who are new? READ READ READ TAlk Learn.. then involve Y/yourself. Knowledge and taking Y/your time will save Y/you much heartache. Conduct Y/yourself with honor and integrity ..
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