malika{WS}FG From barbarian to kajira

Late one afternoon, I left the University library to return to my dorm. Tired and hot, I walked the half mile on that 'indian summer' day, my arms loaded with four books I needed to study for an exam early Monday.

Being a Friday, it was quiet on the evening streets. Most students had already made their way to the local bars for happy hour as I watched the sun set. The sky, a beautiful orange red...then pink...deepening to purple as twilight finally claimed it, was breathtaking to behold. The north star burned bright as I walked home. Several times I looked over my shoulder, the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood on end...I kept getting the feeling I was being watched...I shrugged it off but quickened my pace, suddenly eager to get inside.

I was blessed with a private room in the back of the building, away from the student parking. So when I entered my room, I closed the door quickly and double checked the lock before stepping into my kitchen. A breath caught in my throat at the sight I saw next. A clean shaven man sat at my table looking uncomfortable, his deep tan spoke of a warmer climate. He polietly demanded that I kneel before him. I was so stunned I only looked at him...then turned quickly, thinking only of escape. Suddenly, another man, taller than the first, was standing directly behind me. He moved with such stealth that I never would have known he was there if I hadn't turned.

Both men smiled, the first re-telling me to kneel. I laughed and again tried to run. The second man caught my arms forcing me to my knees, his blue eyes danced with anger and something else... I plead with them to let me go, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. The first man began to take out some simple iron cuffs from a worn leather bag. Then turned to me and with practiced movements began putting them on my wrists. Before I could utter a peep, the second man covered my nose and mouth with a rough, damp cloth...I fought it, but soon my eyes closed and I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

I woke up dazed and feeling slightly bruised, the scent of burning oil filled my nose. My eyes opened slowly, I felt like I had the worse hangover I've ever had. Carefully I looked around and saw a splendidly furnished apartment with rough stone walls. and fancy silver lanterns burning high up them. The ceiling seemed to go on forever.

This puzzled me...where was I at that there would be bare stone walls? I shook my head to clear it and that is when I felt fingertips touched the metal encircling my neck. I ran my fingers all around it and found the tiny lock. Startled that someone would permanently put an iron band around my neck, I looked for a door. Silently my prayers were answered, the tall man from my dorm entered. In English he said "Greetings little barbarian...Welcome to Gor." I stared at him, fear and anger sparkling in my eyes.

He steped to me, his worn leather boots thumped softly on the rich carpeting, "I have chosen well, you are a fine piece of slave flesh." He smiled broadly and looked down at me. "I am your Master, girl." He lifted me up, his fingers beneath my chin, "and you are My slave."

So began this girls life on Gor. she has learned lots of lessons in her first few months, most the hard way. That was before she learned to love the freedom her ko-lar has given her. Sometimes this girl remembers her life on Urth, but deep in her heart, where all her joys live, she no longer desires to return.

So it is for this kajira