Gold Memberships

With a paid gold membership, we are pleased to offer the following items to you as a Gold member:

The Originals ('98)

1. Your own Private room:
Each room comes with the following Features:
  1. Your choice of the Room's Name.
  2. Ability to change Text, PM, and Background Colors at any time.
  3. Answering Machine: This allows you to temporarily lock out any other visitors if your having a personal conversation.
  4. Entry Control: You get to choose WHO is allowed into your room by a changeable user list.
    OR you may leave the room open to all users, by turning on the "open to all" feature.

  5. (NOTE:  If a person has been banned at the Palace, the ban is carried through to this area.)
  6. All of the above features are controlled by an easy-to-use administration site. This site can be bookmarked so you can make changes to your private room at anytime or you may enter it through the room itself.
2. Ability to See Lurkers:
Now you will always know who is lurking or hiding in the shadows of a room!
Have you always wondered who was actually in the room, or waiting for someone to show up?
Now you'll know they're there even before they speak! *smiles*
3. HTML buttons:
Don't know much HTML but would like to change the appearance of your text? Well, with a gold membership, you can now do that with just a click of the mouse....and it's ideal for those that are too lazy to write in the HTML codes as well! *Grin*
4. A star beside your name:
All gold members will have a tiny star Fantassia's Palace Gold Member Star beside their names showing that they are gold members.
5. Vertical Split screen:
This option is wonderful for talking or lurking in two rooms at the Palace within the same browser. It's great for those that like to be in more than one room at a time....or perhaps being in the same room under two different handles. *grin*
6. Your Very Own Bio Page:
A bio page that is linked to the star for each individual gold member. Each gold member receives ONE single page to do with what they want. NO images will be stored on these pages. So get creative and have fun!! You would be surprised at the things you can do within that amount of space! *grin* You might like to take a look at what some of our gold members have already done with their bio page as examples as to what you can do with yours. *s*
New for '99!!
1. Name HTML:
All gold members can now use their "HTML buttons" to apply that HTML to their handles!
2. Mood Settings:
Using this, members can now place cute or crazy things above their names, or just let the chatters know how you are feeling today (ie: *devilish*)
3. Quick URL Change:
Using the "In Room" URL box, you can now change your URL without having to log back into the Palace each time.
4. Online Alerts:
Want to know if a friend just logged in? Well you can now! By simply adding them to your online alert list, you will be notified within the room (right above the chatbox) when they login.
5. Email Notify of Mailbox Message(s):
Sound interesting? By entering your choice of email address (can change anytime yourself), you will be sent every Fantassia Mailbox Message (free service for all) that you get in your Mailbox at the Palace, sent to that email account. A great way of getting message(s) to your home account, but without having to give out your home email address.
Please Note: We track the sender's IP address before sending via email, so if you are being harrased by this, let us know. Also we DO NOT give out email addresses for ANY purpose.
6. Members Only Jukebox Upload:
Yes really *lol*. You can now upload your OWN song files (.wav/.mid only) to the Jukebox for everyone to listen to. Each member is allowed to upload 3 file(s) per registered handle. You can add/remove the file(s) at anytime yourself.
We would ask though that you do not upload anything that might be offensive to others (we do have non-adult rooms too *s*).
7. Auto-HTML:
Do you know some HTML already, do you use it alot? perhaps every post? Than this is for you! Simply place the HTML you wish to have automatically be placed in the chatbox into the provided HTML box, and each time you refresh that HTML will show up!
8. Optional New Star for Second-Year signups:
All second year gold members will have the option to change their star to: Fantassia's Palace Gold Member Star showing that they are second year gold members. Or if you prefer, you can keep your orginial star.
New for 2000!!
1. Extra Rooms at Entrance:
You can now enter the Herald, Round Table, and Forbidden Scrolls right from the main entrance. No longer do you have to go into another room first!
2. Who's Around (again? *g*):
The ever popular Who's around is now available when you first log in. Along the side of each room, you will now see a list of both active chatter's and lurkers!
3. More name & post colors:
You now have even more name & post colors to choose from!!
4. More bio page show-off:
Your gold star is now displayed with the link to your bio page inside the Who Room!
5. Save your configurations:
Sick and tired of having to set those favorite settings each time you login, or for that matter change rooms? Well now there is no longer any need of it! You can save all your settings and never have to worry about them again. Everything from your URL, name/post color/size, fav HTML, mood setting and more!
6. Change your password:
Finally!! You can do it yourself!! Want to change your password? Go for it....change it as often as you want. No longer do you have to wait for us to do it for you!!
7. Brand new private room:
All new private room! It has been written from the same code as that of the main palace. ALL of your gold features are now available in your private room, just like the main palace!! Other features:
  • All new change settings area - Much easier to use now!
  • Change the name of you room as often as you want!
  • Change the password (for changing settings)
  • Room headers! By popular can now place any HTML you want above your room (like we do for herald etc)
  • Automatic display of room: When you add someone to your "allow" list, your room will automatically show up as a selection in the "Choose a private room" list at both the entrance and the "Features Room" in the main palace! When you take them off, the room is gone from the list. If you change the name of the room, they can still see it if they are allowed in! This will avoid those damn typo mistakes we all make!
8. Ignore list changes:
You can now see who is on your ignore list and remove them by using this list!
9. Brand new Bio Editor:
An all new bio editor now allows you to have multiple pages!!! The editing process is much easier now, and you only need to know your normal handle/password!
10. PM Announcer:
Yep, you can have it now....those little phrases you've seen above everyone's names....favorites like "Don't PM Me, I'm an anal prick" (joke), and "Are you free to PM tonight or will it cost me?"
11. Mailroom Features:
Though these were already given out in late '99, they are being considered new for 2000. As a gold member you get the following extra features:
  • Ability to have your recieved messages sent to your home email account (current Gold feature). But now you can change that email address right from within this area.
  • Priority messages, send messages to anyone and give them a priority setting. Each setting will make that message show up as a special color when listed with all the other subjects.
12. Optional New Star for Third-Year signups:
All third year gold members will have the option to change their star to: Fantassia's Palace Gold Member Star showing that they are third year gold members. Or if you prefer, you can keep your orginial star.

There is a small fee of only   $25 a year (U.S. funds)  for these extended membership features that you will receive as a gold member. That's 25 features for $25!! I dare you to compare *g* This fee helps us in dealing with the costs in maintaining the Palace. We also have "special prices" for those who want to become members but there are two of you that chat here (such as:  husband and wife). You may contact us at and let us know your handle(s) with the name for your private room(s). Please remember that your gold membership application will not be processed until we have received your check or money order via snail mail.

In the last 3 years of the gold membership offer, we have never raised this price. And were proud of it!!

Lifetime memberships
(  lifetime of Palace not the chatter  )

Fantassia's Palace has been going strong for 3 years and are now entering our 4th. With this, we would like to say that we intend to be here for a long time *s*

Lifetime memberships cost $100 and you will get:

  • Increased "back" log viewing.
  • Ability to change your stars from a selected list of stars.
  • Ability to page to all the rooms at once.
  • Ability to "hide" and "show" yourself on the lurkers list.
Become a Gold Member

To apply for a gold membership, please make your check or money order payable to Tina Guitard and send them to:

Tina Guitard
40 MacDonald Park Road
Kentville NS
B4N 5C7


1) If using snail mail, and you are in the US, please make sure you have correct postage (52 cents) for sending the letter to me here in Canada. It is 52 cents, but most people just put on 2-33 cent stamps to save hassles *s*


If you prefer you can use your credit card and pay through paypal. If you haven't signed up with paypal you can go to and set up an account with them.


1) You must put in this email address: to send payment to.

Please Note the Following:

1) Please be sure to write in who the membership payment is for.
3) Please be aware that your money goes to the upkeep of the palace and because of this we can offer no refunds on your small membership fee.

Again we want to thank you all for chatting at the Palace. We love knowing that we have provided people with a safe and friendly place to chat and would like to take this time to let you know that we appreciate and thank everyone who chats here...and we are trying to do everything we can to make you happy.

Fantassia and Webmaster

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