Greetings A/all welcome to my little piece of the net at Fantassia's Palace

my chat handle is ~*destinee*~
In my r/t world i live in California with my husband and two little boys. i am a stay at mom, who enjoys volunteering at my son's school. i am in the last stages of becoming a Child Birth Educator ~YEAH finally…giggle~
Oooooh Y/you probably want to know all of the stats stuff ~smirk~ Age:27 Height: 5'3" Weight: Not going to Hair: Auburn at the moment, naturally light brown as far i can remember..~g~ Eyes: Greenish-Blue, they change depending on what i am wearing..~s~ Married: Since August 1990 Hmmmmmm what else??? Let me know and i will add it later…s~
In my virtual world,i spend the majority of my time in the Leather Chateau, but i have a feeling i will be migrating to the Realm of Darkness...grin~ There are many special people that i have spent/do spend time with and have touched me in different ways to make me the person that i am today and i would like to mention: Brian-You always make me laugh my bestest buddie, Abalone-You will always be my favorite shellfish, Lionking-forever my sweet one, Jester-words cannot express what You have shown me, Shadow Master-where ever You are i will always treasure my time as diamond, Hula Chik-you have been with me through EVERYTHING ~twin hugs~,

and last but not least drum roll please...

~giggling.....happily~~GRIN~ Clav-You make my heart© skip a beat and put a smile on my face everyday ~*~ (i promise to add more, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not feel left out i am just beginning…gotta have sumpthin' to start with…grin~)