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~soft smile~ note for T/those who don't know, Jarl means Master, leader of Warriors.
Jarl Dilek
His alika~kadri{JD}

copyright of this image Michael Whelan

copyright of this image unknown

soon there will be an image drawn by me here

soon there will be an image drawn by me here

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Come for your own amusement
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the VT collar
alika's neck
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Colors you can use for your sites
basic & more...
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Jarl Dilek's Poetry scrolls
some were written by Him
and some were submitted
scroll up and being worked on
collection of FREE backgrounds
and FREE icons

all over
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features the RT collar
around alika's neck
scroll UP,
hopefuly angelfire won't delete the pix
dedicated to
Jarl Dilek
by alika
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written by alika~kadri{JD}
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two stories UP
Art Gallery
page 1
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my Online Port~Folio
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Planets and Babies
main page
scrolls UP and being worked on
Fantassia's Palace
entrance here

~*~ O/our son Jarl Bruce ~*~

serving Master Dilek His cola
naked in His Apartments

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