Free Woman of the Physician Caste

Tal, and greetings, A/all!

Zada was born in Port Kar, the daughter of a Ship owner.
Her Mother a Freewoman of the Physican Caste was killed when Zada was 12...
She then stayed with Her Fathers Free Companions which changed every year until His disappearance at sea when She was 16.

   Zada became owner of the ships Her Father left in port.

   Zada is of the Physican Caste.
She has gone through many of lifes ups and downs,and has had Her share of Heart breaks and disappointments.
But no matter what She is a F/friend Y/you can count on.

   Zada is 5'6" with long auburn hair and dark brown eyes.
She is a flirt...
but tries very hard not to be.    Her Homestone is now the Ko-ro-ba Inn.
Mistress Arista has adopted Zada as Her Sister.
and I love Arista dearly.
Menelvagor, Friend and Champion Warrior of Ko-ro-ba Inn, has pledged His sword in My defense.

And now, after many months of searching for the perfect slave, I one day came across My boy. Much time went into getting to know him, and making him Mine. You can view the ko-lar Ceremony at Y/your leisure.

Thank Y/you for stopping by, and don't forget about the Guestook!!!

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