Hello, and what the hell are Y/you doing here, Y/your falling behind, hurry go post something.*bol*

Hi I am......

The One, the Only, Greatest Wanta Be Lounge Singer of ALL TIME......


lesser known as Tom Romano this is where Y/you find out about Me like Y/you really give a darn. Why are Y/you here really, do I owe Y/you money.

Truthfully I have come to call Fans a home away from home.

My signifigant other here in the Palace is the beautiful and mischievious DreamWeaver Who makes life here in the Palace and sometimes outside, exciting and fun.

p> Playboy interview:

Turn on's: intelligence, humor, imagination(of course) and a really good giggle.

Turn off's:rudeness, people who take themselves to seriously and people who dont like Me!!