What should I put in my Bio, or should I say what am I willing to admit? OK, letís start out with the obvious. I am 23 yrs. Old, 6 ft. 2 in tall. I weigh 200 pounds ( plus or minus a couple of pounds ).. I have hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair and big feet and hands. I am now a soph. In college. I am behind a semester due to an extended stay in the hospital last year. I had a couple of accidents, one in a car wreck and one skydiving , the accidents led to surgery where I developed a severe case of staff infection, which just about put me in the bone orchard.. I am all healed now, but havenít reached the point where I feel safe skydiving yet. In addition to skydiving, my favorite hobbies are scuba diving, and reading. I have my private pilot license. At one time I owned my own plane. A couple of years ago both my parents were killed in a small plane accident. I was an only child, so Iím pretty much on my own. Except for a trust fund my father was farsighted enough to have set up several years ago. He was also farsighted enough to not let me get my hands on all of it all at one time. Iím covered enough to get me through law school, and donít have to work till I get my LLB. I get a little lonesome sometimes, but my friends have helped me through the bad times. Wanna invite me over ffor holidays? G Thatís about all I can think of right now. If I think of anything wlse Iíll add it later. I have a pic Iíll add as soon as I can figure out now to get it added in her