Hello and welcome to my Bio Page

I'm Emerald~*~Mistress, and I've been a regular here at Fan's for quiet awhile. I am a Domme and can be found mostly in the Leather Chateau with my Friends.

A Poem For EM

Together we shall see the satin shimmer of unicorns cresting a hill, the soft thunder of platinum hooves on mountain grasses sending echoes from canyon walls, pulsing with the rhythm of the beating of your heart... its steady cadence saying over and over, "You are magical!" and "You are loved." -ftlvr

I'm an old timer here and I love to help and answer any questions...feel free to corner me sometime to say hello or ask a few questions. *and don't mind the fangs*.. *winks*..

I don't bite unless invited to....*wicked grin* Email Me at: emerald4ever@comcast.net