~*~(one hot number)~*~

"...and In the darkness there shall come a light which will fill the sky and the hearts of all. And this light shall come from a single *Ember*"

    (written by my dear online friend Pman and he also did my pictures. *blows a kiss to Pman*)

Well... *hands on my hips and studying you*...what took ya so long? ha/ha

Awww, just kidding...I DO thank you for clicking my star *grin* ...and for your interest in me...

First of all, a VERY heartfelt thank You to Darc Knight Who designed this web page for me! *heartfelt thank You inserted here ~smile~* It was a truly kind and generous offer to give of his time and talents for me...(Please be sure to give Him a well-deserved compliment the next time that you see Him in space) ~smile~


The handle EmberFlame came from the feeling that you get while "getting cozy" next to a warm fire.... embers glowing, sparks popping, flames dancing....

A romantic, enchanted emotion that intoxicates...and holds you captive in its beauty...

I also chose my handle because of my long...wavy...FIERY RED hair! *grinning and exaggeratedly poofin' my 'do*

Now...for those of you that are red---or that love those that are red, you know that it IS NOT conceited of me to obsess about my red hair! Well, *insists* really... its NOT! *sticking out my tongue and blowing rasberries* After all, I dont only obsess about MY hair! I obsess about Nicole Kidmans, Gillian Andersons, Kate Winsletts, etc.... Well, *laffs* even a stranger with red hair gets my attention...doesnt it get yours? *quizzical, raised eyebrow look* ~smile~

And *crossing my heart* I am a natural born redhead... Oh? You wanna see proof? *looks suprise* I havent *rolls eyes and laughs* heard THAT before! (note the sarcasm?) haha... Well? ummmmm.... *seductively bringing my hand to the top of my jeans...my fingers lingering at the waistband...i slowly insert two fingers.............. into my pocket and pull out my baby picture! *exclaiming* Wasnt I a CUTIE-PATOOTIE!!??? LMFAO...Gotcha! *wink* But you asked for it! You never ask a blonde or brunette to prove it, do you!!?? *feins a glare* ~LOL~

And its truly fitting that I write about this in my biostar, as it is a defining factor in my personality! This is about ME! *pointing at self~ getting really excited*...its me really opening up and telling you who your chatting with! Hmmmm...*thinks*... You should consider yourself lucky! *pointing nose in the air...and then looking back directly at you and smiling with genuine warmth,* (Hope you get my humor here, folks! I'm not conceited)

Soooo, you ask, how does redhair define who you are??? answer: How can it NOT!? I mean..we are REDiculed *laffs, forgive my pun* and excluded throughout school... all because of the color of our hair and the freckles on our faces. I am NOT overdramatizing! (script: [Reader]Oh, ya are TOO! [self] AM NOT!haha) Come on! Be honest! Who of you DIDNT call a redhead Carrot Top, Red, Chuckie or....*painfully recalls* Pippi Longstocking?!?! (*sniffle... now THAT hurt!*)...Or, how about the threats to play Connect the Dots of our freckles on our faces with permanent marker!? Hmmmm...You didnt?*sees an innocent look* Not you? .....LIAR!!! haha

Well... I dont EXACTLY blame you... being red is a SURE FIRE way to draw attention to yourself...and in school, being "different" is negative. Why else do you think fads prevail? I mean... Jordache jeans made everyones asses look too flat and in reality, Nikes are no better than K-Marts "trax" tennies...

Hmmmm... But, if "Suzy" wore 'em....

.... And...*continues* I was the ONLY one with red hair besides Bobby (deletes his last name to save his family embarassment)... and he ate BOOGERS! Not exactly the perfect "lunch table buddy", agreed?

But, please... *hand to own heart*... dont feel sorry for me (dont cry for me Argentina)! Oh, sorry.. just being my sarcastic self! ha/ha

This is where the story gets GOOD! The Redhead Revenge chapter !! *VBG* One day... (I dont remember exactly when, but it DID happen) I realized that the gawks and stares at me where no longer those that the bearded circus lady gets *grins*...these were...*mouth agape*.....ADMIRING ones! (I couldnt believe it! *S*) True, I was still "different"... but in adulthood this meant EXCLUSIVE!! ....and EXCLUSIVE is a gooooood thang!*raises eyebrows up and down like Groucho* It means *special* treatment , and having a TON of nicknames from acquaintences (mailman, gas attendants, male boss) ALL OF WHICH RELATES TO YOUR HAIR! haha *bright, happy smiles*

SOOOooooo, what IS it about redheads? *scratchin' your chin in bewilderment* Well, could it be the myths? Lets see...*looking up and counting off her fingers* ...We are wild, untamed creatures with mystyque (thats why they called so many redheads witches and burned them at the stake?)....*stops*.... Uh-oh! I lost count! ~begins again~ We are passionate, impulsive, magnetic, fickle, unpredictable, stubborn, hot-tempered, strong, seXXXy *winking smiles* and lets not forget to pity my Dads second wife!! (that redheaded step-child thingie! *LOL*) Well...*runs outta fingers, so pulls off socks to continue*...

La la laa-aa....~wanders off singing along with the song you hear~ *GRIN*

(Playing right now: Disco Inferno)

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