"like a rose, sometimes beautiful things can be painful"

There are a million subtle shades of pain and with each one discovered the human psyche becomes one great labyrinth. Every heavenly shriek or scream born from the talented hands of a skilled Master upon His victim is Lucifer's chorus. Each chill that dances up the length of your spine, every perverse pleasure derived from that feeling.

There is nothing quite like the stabbing clarity that pain brings. All illusion falls away, honesty and the soul is bared like a victim's throat to a hungry wolf. Pain.... real pain, makes a mouth water and the body to stir in such ways that make a P/person scared with sinful thoughts of future wickedness. It's never the blow that has been struck that excites the body, it's the one that is yet to come.

Where will it be? When will it be?

Anticipation, fear, and pain are delicacies that a body hungers for when the fires of need are stoked by an experienced tutor of the dark arts. They make the body give and yield, and for even a small taste T/they would sell their very souls.

That is why most things that are beautiful can be painful, because simply put....

Pain is one of heaven's beautiful gifts to it's creations. Empires have risen and fallen, cultures have come and been lost... but the one thing that remains constant until the day the very last breath is taken;

Is pain... sweet, sweet pain.

For every joy there is sorrow;
For every sin there is redemption;
For every pleasure there is pain...

And then there is Me.

We all have O/our pleasures.... Mine is the pain of O/others

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