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The Water Carrier
January 21 to February 19

Welcome to Cinnaminn's bio page! *grin* I'm known online as "Cinnaminn" or "Cinn" in Fantassia's Palace but my RT name is Cheryl. Yes, I was definitely born under the sign of Aquarius. *L* My birthday is Jan. 31. *s*

According to Astrology Online, traditional Aquarian traits are:

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual
And on the dark side, the traditional traits are....
Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached
Hmmmmm......I don't mind the traditional Aquarian traits and will have to admit that those traits do fit me for the most part but I have to disagree with at least one of the ones listed for the dark side. I'm definitely not unemotional or detached. I'm not all that intractable either....*L* just depends on the situation and/or if I know I'm right or wrong about it. *grin* If I know that I am right about something, then I most definitely can be very "intractable" (i.e., stubborn) about it! (Just blame my stubbornness genes on my German ancestors! *L* I have a couple of great-grandfathers who were known for being very stubborn at times.) 

And for those who are interested in the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of the Rooster with the element of Fire.

According to the, the personality of the Rooster is:

  • Very observant, and very accurate and precise with their observation.
  • No hidden depths to their character - very forthright and straightforward.
  • Like to be noticed and flattered. Always appear attractive, beautifully turned out, sociable and love to receive attention.
  • Extremely conscious about clothing and appearance.
  • But in their heart, they are completely conservative.
  • Their minds are cautious and skeptical, make them excellent trouble shooters, detectives, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists.
  • Always up, out and doing.
  • Multitalented, can become accomplished in many different ways.
  • Care about money, love to compare prices.
  • A dreamer sometimes.
  • Great hosts and adore entertaining.
  • Loyalty is their main virtue: they make devoted friends and always keep their promises.
  • Very devoted to a relation.
Fire Personality:
  • Born-leaders.
  • Decisive, confident and aggressive.
  • Love adventure and innovation.
  • Constantly on the move and like to explore new horizons.
  • True to their element and usually attract others through their brilliance and warmth.
  • With dynamic speech and action, always dominate others with their originality and clever thinking.
  • Must be sympathetic to the views of others before taking action.
  • The more fire people may try to achieve their goals by force, the more they will encounter obstacles.
  • Emotional.
  • Their selfishness make them inconsiderate and impatient.
  • Need more patience and compassion to curb their impulsive tendencies.
Another hmmmmm......some of those things under the Chinese zodiac definitely does fit me but again I have to disagree about some of them. *L* And this time, I'm not saying which ones I disagree with. *wg* That's for me to know and you to find out if you can?!?!?!*LOL*

Here are a few astrology/horoscope links that you might be interested in checking out when you have some time. *s*

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