Ceridwen the Black
High Priestess with Magical Powers of Love and Passion
Mistress of Mighty Dragons

At Fan's Y/you might also see me as "FireDragon" even though I don't use that handle very often, most of the time I am Ceridwen the Black. I don't mind if people shorten my rather long name to Ceridwen or CtB, and my friends call me Ceri.

By the way, if Y/you don't like "Sultan" (that's the song playing), Y/you can right-click on that little thing here to open a window where Y/you can stop/pause/play the music.

Hhhhmmm.. what can I tell Y/you here that I didn't mention yet on my homepage... *scratching head, thinking*... Well, I'm a November-scorpio, and usually quite peaceful and harmless. Stinger? What stinger? *giving Y/you my best me-innocent-and-harmless smile*. See?

I am neither a Domme nor a sub (talking about a submissive here, not a submarine *LOL*), I am somewhere in between, I guess Y/you could call me a Neutral or Vanilla (even though I hate the name Vanilla). Of course I wondered for a while if the lifestyle would be for me, but I realized it isn't. So Y/y'all gotta put up with just "me" *grins*.

Ok, I give up, *laughing* I guess I'm just being lazy. If Y/you want to know a bit more about me, check out My Personal ABC, and if Y/you are REALLY curious, just go to my homepage *warm smile*. See Y/ya there.
There is also a guestbook on my homepage, or Y/you can use this shortcut to my guestbook if Y/you are lazy *grins*. It would be great if Y/you would let me know that Y/you were here *WS*.
If Y/you'd like to get in touch with me, just leave a message in my mailbox at Fan's. :-)

Be well and be happy *warm smile*

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