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This is me!!
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Hi Welcome to my page..
a very good friend of mine wrote the following for me..

Thank You Mulligan!!!

  Her grace and beauty are eclipsed only by her playful spirit.. She teases with her eyes, that twinkle like the stars reflected in a calm pool of water.. Her hair is dark and rich like a fine chocolate.. And her laugh is the song of the first birds of spring as the sun rises slowly over the horizon.. If ever charm had a name, it would be "Special"..

I am 37.. live in Ft Lauderdale, FL.. divorced.. no kids.. Hmm anything else.. ask.. *grin*

Fantassia's has been home to me for over 3 years now and I am very fortunate to have alot of great friends here..take the time to get to know people and I am sure you will make alot of friends too.. Check back from time to time for changes..Have a great day!!

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